The Water Margin, Portsmouth

I live at 55 Victoria Road North. Employees of the Water Margin restaurant at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth have moved into 57 Victoria Road North, once an ordinary family house but now seemingly inhabitated by at least a dozen people.

The general aim here was to catalog the noise problems I have been having but actually it all reads the same, every night. Nothing I can do seems to make any diffeence - the last complaint I made to the management in March 2007 seemed to have produced nothing but a door-slamming contest at 2 o'clock in the morning (8 slams within 30 seconds).

The noise actually pervades the entire flat, there is nowhere where I can escape it.

On top of the noise there is the continual spitting. I have listened to enough spitting to last me several lifetimes. Very hygenic, especially if there are preparing food there, which might seem to be the case with all the continual noise.

This is a catalog of noise problems I have been having. Bear in mind that many evenings I either wear ear plugs of necessity or insert them as soon as the noise starts up (although this is quite an unpleasant thing to do). The true catalog of noise would be much worse

3rd February 2009 Woken up at 11:50, still going at 00:30
24th January 2009 Very bad experience - initial banging at 00:10 and talking still keeping me awake at 01:50
24th January 2009 Noise at 0014 and 0048
23nd January 2009 Noise at 0008
22nd January 2009 Banging starts at 2300. Kept awake by renewed banging at 0100 which continues till 0120 at least
14th January 2009 much banging, furniture removal and talking
9th January 2009 Noise starts at 2330. Manage to get back to sleep again but woken up again at 01:00
7th January 2009 Banging slap bang on midnight announces yet more noise at an inappropriate hour
6th January 2009 Very kindly woken up at about 2345 by the usual noise
26 December 2008 Banging until about 0020
22 December 2008 Woken up at 0330
20 December 2008 General banging until after midnight
3 October 2008 Furniture 'arranging' until 0045
2 October 2008 Banging and talking after midnight
1 October 2008 Talking at 0045
30 September 2008 Shouting my head off at 0030 requesting some quiet
27 March 2008 Banging still at 01:15. Put my ear plugs in but can still hear banging at 01:30
26 March 2008 Conversation still at 02:10.
25 March 2008 Usual slamming of front door at 2350 announces the usual banging, until about 0030
21 March 2008 Usual banging, noises all through the night, not sure whether it is next door or whether we have mice
20 March 2008 Usual banging until about 0045
17 March 2008 Banging at 0110
15 March 2008 All was quiet until 00:18, so after last night originally thought I was in for a bit of a rest. Put my ear plugs in at 00:18. Am getting extremely depressed about the situation
14 March 2008 Similar to last night, at 00:13 put my ear plugs in except that this time I can still hear the noise with my ear plugs in.
13 March 2008 Usual banging, put my ear plugs in at 00:10 because I am not in the mood to listen a minute longer
10 March 2008 Some 'furniture moving' at 00:10, usual banging now and again later on
9 March 2008 'Furniture Removal' starts about 23:30 and goes on for about quarter of an hour or so
8 March 2008 Get in about 00:45 but still have to put up with some banging while in bed
5 March 2008 Absolute full-scale banging at 05:30. Repeated at 06:10. Banging also at 06:19,06:30, 06:45 with decreasing volume but increased frequency. Rounded off by banging at 07:09, 07:19
3 March 2008 Loud talking starts about 2300 and continues until past 02:00
1 March 2008 usual banging till about 24:30. Woken up with a start by loud noises/banging at 02:00 almost exactly, which continues for some time.
29 Feb 2008 Starts up at midnight. After the day I had had, eventually inserted my ear plugs of necessity
27 Feb 2008 usual banging
25 Feb 2008 Plenty of banging, door slamming, furniture moving from 23:00 right through to about 00:30
24 Feb 2008 Plenty of banging ar 23:00. Some at 24:00
22 Feb 2008 Full scale conversation at 01:35
19 Feb 2008 Plenty of banging at 24:00
14 Feb 2008 Plenty of banging until 00:20
13 Feb 2008 Plenty of banging until 00:40
29 Jan 2008 Banging/furniture removal til 00:30
21 Jan 2008 Banging around at 00:20
20 Jan 2008 Talking etc. at 0100
18 Jan 2008 Enormous slamming(s) of the door at midnight, followed by some internal banging at 00:30
16 Jan 2008 General banging between 00:10 and 00:40
28 Dec 2007 Racket at 01:30 as though someone was doing some furniture removal
16 Dec 2007
16 Dec 2007 Same as yesterday morning, though this time woken by music at 0915
15 Dec 2007 Go to bed at 0700 after a night-shift. Soon banging of doors and 0815 a TV starts up
10 Dec 2007 TV or something going at 0330
9 Dec 2007 TV powers up at 22:00
26 Nov 2007 Banging at 00:30 as though someone was doing some woodwork or something
25 Nov 2007 Loud music starts up at about 1500
Nov 2007 Knocking on the wall at various times during the time
2 Nov 2007 Loud music 1432
1 Nov 2007 Woken up at 00:50
31 Oct 2007 Loud music 13:30. Conversation until at least 02:30
30 October 2007 Banging starts at 23:55, talking at 0030
24 October 2007Conversation starts at 23:59, still going at 02:16
21 October 2007 Music powers up while I am still having a Sunday lie-in. Powers up again at 10:00
20 October 2007 Convesation at 00:40
19 October 2007 Talking still going 01:10 by when I had had enough
15 October 2007 Music starts up at 00:10, talking still at 00:30
14 October 2007 Noise starts at 23:55
13 October 2007 'Chinese water torture' music starts up at 0015
12 October 2007Talking/shouting at 00:45
11 October 2007Music at 00:10
10 October 2007 Talking/shouting at 00:40

14 March 2007Banging starts just after midnight. By 12:30 put my ear plugs in
13 March 10:20 Spitting. 01:00 Enormous banging. Noise continues for another 15 mins. Sounds at one stage like someone slamming a door 5 times in quick succession.
10 March01:00 Spitting, usual banging
8 MarchBanging making things rattle at 02:05 and 02:36 plus six other occassions by 03:00

5th March13:05 'throat clearing'
4th March 200710:07 Spitting
3rd Marchpounding at 00:03, really loud pounding at 00:38, pounding at 00:59
28th February'Real' banging dead on 24:00 (despite being in bed wearing ear plugs etc etc - it was very audible), and 00:26. Woken up by talking at 02:10
27th FebruaryPounding around at 00:23, 01:16
26th February00:03 banging, and 01:20. Between 02:03 and 03:00 plenty of stomping and banging around. 03:00 pots and pans being 'clattered' around, (sounded like being washed or used for cooking, or similar)
23rd February02:00 Loud bang which causes rattling in my room
22nd February00:36 pounding, and 01:14
21st FebruaryBanging 00:03, Between 01:30-0230 at least 5 bangs which made things in my room rattle (I am on the first floor and all this banging is on the ground floor, if that gives you a clue). 03:23 pounding around followed by door slamming. 03:43 door slammed
20th FebruaryBanging starts at 23:30 so really cheesed off already by 24:00. It continues 00:34, 01:19
19th FebruaryBanging 00:20, 00:36, 00:48
17th FebruaryMuch banging in the early hours
16th FebruaryBanging at 01:25
15th FebruaryBanging at 02:29
13th ebruaryPounding around at 00)7, 01:05, 01:27, 02:19
12th FebruaryPounding at 01:08
9th February23:55 'Usual' pounding, repeated at 00:19, 01:26, 02:35
6th FebruaryPounding at 01:38, followed by talking
5th FebruaryTalking at 01:48
31st JanuaryStomping around at 00:03
30th JanuaryBanging at 00:19,01:26
29th JanuaryBanging starts at 23:50 and continues until about 00:30. Smaller outbreaks again, e.g. 00:43, 00:50, 01:03, o1:45
28th January real full-scale banging at 01:10
25th January23:53 banging, like someone kicking something; 00:54 pounding around
23rd JanuaryNasty case of 'throat clearing' just as I am trying to enjoy my breakfast
22nd JanuaryPounding at 23:50. Full-scale banging two hours later at 02:21, making some things in my room rattle
20th JanuaryPounding around and banging as per 'normal'
17th JanuaryStomping and banging 23:50,00:15. Real banging at 02:10 onwards. Certain things in my room were rattling despite the fact that I live in the second storey and all thgis banging was emanating from ground level!!
16th JanuaryBanging at 23:37, 00.03, 0.32
15th Januarybanging at 23:49, 23:55
9th January24:05 Someone pounding around
6th Januarybanging at 02:20, 03:00
5th January24:45-01:15 Banging
4th January 2007 Banging at 12:38, 12.45
1st January 200712:30 Spitting. 01:50, 02:10 real full-scale banging
30th DecemberTalking at 23:55, 00:16 'loud walking' and banging, 01:34 yet more pounding around
28th DecemberBanging at 01:46, 01:59
20th DecemberTalking at 02:39
16th DecemberBanging at 23:59 (good timing!!), oo:15, 00:35 (which time I had had enough and put my ear plugs in
14th DecemberBanging at 01:10
13th December Banging at 01:05
12th December Banging at 01:10
10th December Banging at 01:20
7th DecemberBanging starts at 23:51
6th DecemberBanging starts at 23:45 and is fairly continuous until 24:03. 24:06 banging outside for about 30 seconds.
5th December Banging at 23:46, midnight, 01:18
4th December Banging at 00:11
3rd December Banging at 01:15
2nd December Unpleasant display of 'throat clearing' at 09:45
1st DecemberBanging at 23:48 and 01:24
30th November Banging at 23:45, 00.10 and 00.35
28th November Talking at midnight
27th November 2006 Loud talking at 01:00. This is despite me having my double-glazed window shut. By standing away from the window, I could hear it coming directly through the walls, despite me living on the second-storey and the noise emananting from the ground-floor.