Bernard Schutz

I have been treated by Bernard Schutz in a manner which I consider to be highly unacceptable - in a manner which I would never ever consider treating someone else.

My problems started when I received a low degree result from Newcastle University by virtue of exam irregularities.I had no option other than to study for an M.Sc in order to get on to a Ph.D course.

After applying to Cardiff, I received the reply that my application had been unsuccessful, but that if I wanted to study part-time, then get back in touch. This I did immediately, under the impression that, if successful, I would be allowed to start at the same time that I would have started if my original application had been successful i.e October.

When October came and I hadnít heard anything, I enquired further and Schutz rang me up at home. He said that he would put my application at the top of the list. About seven months later when I still hadnít heard anything, I enquired again. Schutz sent me a letter expressing surprise -

didnít I know that my application would not be considered until the next academic year i.e. next October ?
- Answer :-
No, I didnít realise that my application would take over a year to be considered. If I had known that I would never have applied in the first place.

Iíve already lost enough time making up for the deficiencies at Newcastle. The last thing I want to do is hang around for over a year before my application is even considered. It would have cost absolutely nothing for Schutz to have imparted this information when he rang me up the previous October. He never made any mention, and to the contrary he even kindly informed me that my application would go to the top of the list, implying that I would be considered very soon. Apart from my difficulties with Newcastle, does the concept of keeping people hanging on have anything to do with the real world? Are there many people out there who are quite happy to hang around for over a year before starting a course? With the current climate of high unemployment and ageism, this type of attitude belongs in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Does anyone know of any other University which is so slow in processing applications?

I have made a few enquiries but, to date, I still havenít heard of anyone else who acts in this manner. I was 35 years old when I first enquired to Cardiff, already much older than I would have hoped due to struggles against Liverpool Education Committee to allow me to attend College.Iíve lost several years of my life because of this, I was approaching the "cut-off" age of 40 when jobs are supposed to be harder to get. And what does Schutz do - keep me hanging on and on -