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The contribution of Calderstones School

The inspiration for this site stems from the 'fifddled' exams I had to endure as a student of Newcastle University. This involved inserting questions in the final year exams which were mathematically identical to questions that were in our second-year exams.

In an effort to get as much help as possible, particularly after Newcastle's stonewalling/lying, I requested help from my former school. Instead of helping (or adopting the usual, respectable non-comittal stance) I was very surprised to find the headmaster aggressively siding with Newcastle University

As you can see in the letter below he tries to go into some deatil as to why the said questiosn are different. His individual statements are either wrong, or facile in the sense that he points to differences which are very slight. The letter succeeding this is from a Professor of Mathematics at Southampton University, who gives a few preliminary statements to cover but does state unequivocally that the questions are mathematically identical.

If you are interested in looking at my general grievance further, then please follow this link here, where I compare this attempt to deny mathematics with the denial of mathematics which underlies George Orwell's book 1984

Because of his general attitude and his willingness to express strong opinions on things he knows nothing about, despite the dire effects this can have on former students (and I am assuming that this outlook could have dire effects for current students also), I don't think Davis should have anything to do with the education system, let alone be a headmaster.

Nevertheless, when members of the Government talk about raising standards, sacking incompetent staff, etc. etc. there is no doubt in my mind that Davis is under no danger whatsoever.

This general difference between what people say and what they mean is possibly expressed most vividly by American proclamations to be sp[reading democracy. There are dictatorships around the world which will be totally unperturbed by staements of this type. Bush even decided to formally initiate his current struggle for 'democracy' by publicly announcing in a speech given during a visit to a police state.