The Viking Age Timeline (A.D. 789 - 1085)

789 - The first Viking attack on England.

793 - Vikings attacks the monastery at Lindisfarne.

794 - Vikings attacks the monastery at Yarrow, but fails.

795 - Vikings approaches the Irish sea and attacks on Ireland starts.

797 - Vikings attacks Lambay, Ireland.

798 - Vikings attacks Isle of Man (according to Ulster annals, but perhaps not correct).

798 - Vikings attacks on France (before 800) begins.

800 - Skiringsal and Birka trade centers are founded (approximately).

802 - Vikings attacks the monastery at the holly Columbas on the isle Iona of the Hebrides.

805 - Vikings attacks the monastery at the holly Columbas for the second time.

813 - The magnificent Oseberg ship is built (dated by dendrochronology).

820 - Vikings conquers the Isle of Man and establishes permanently.

820 - Vikings attacks Flanders and approches the moth of river Seine.

834 - The Oseberg ship is mounded (dated by dendrochronology).

834 - Vikings approaches the river Thames, England.

839 - Turgeis (Torgisl) and a big Viking fleet conquers Ireland and settles permanently.

841 - Vikings under the leadership of Turgeis founds Dublin, Ireland.

841 - Vikings burns Lillebonne, Caudebec and Rouen and destroys the abbeys of Jumieges and St Wandrille.

843 - Vikings of Vestfold establishes a power base at the isle Noirmountier (Loire) and raids Nates.

844 - A Viking raid on Seville is repulsed.

844 - Turgeis is killed by the Irish, drowned in Loch Nair.

845 - Viking chieftain Ragnar Lodbrok attacks Paris along a big fleet.

853 - Olaf the White conquers Ireland along a big Viking fleet.

857 - Vikings raids Paris again.

858 - Vikings captures the abbot of St Denis and claims ransome.

859 - Vikings raids in the Mediterranean for the first time.

860 - Rus (Sweds) Vikings attacks Constantinople (Istanbul).

861- The third big attack on Paris by Vikings.

862 - Novgorod in Russia is founded by the Rus Viking, Ulrich.

863 - Xanten demolished by Vikings.

866 - Danish Vikings establishes the kingdom of York, England.

870 - Harold Luva (Fairhair) starts his effort to gain full control in Norway.

871 - Alfred the Great becomes king of Wessex; the Danish advance is halted in England.

871 - Olaf the White returns to Norway, his brother Ivarr becoms ruler of Ireland.

874 - Ivarr the Boneless dies, his sons continues attacks on north-eastern England.

879 - Rurik establishes Kiev as power center of the Kievan Rus' domains.

885 - A huge fleet of Viking ships attacks Paris, but fails in conquering the city.

885 - Harald (Luva) Fairhair finally unites Norway as one kingdom, first in Scandinavia.

886 - Alfred and the Danes splits England under the Danelaw pact.

890 - The Gokstad ship is built (dated by dendrochronology).

891 - The Vikings at Noirmountier (France) is finally beaten.

894 - Turf-Einar, son of Rognwald and half brother of Rollo, becomes earl of Orkney.

900 - Vikings raids in the Mediterranean again.

902 - The Irish regains Dublin from the Vikings, and rules for fifteen years.

911 - The Viking chieftain Rollo is granted land by the Frankish king and founds the Duchy of Normandy.

917 - Vikings defeats Dublin by military power and regains the throne.

928 - Kings Æthelstan and Harald Fairhair joins in a treaty to gain control of the Norse Vikings.

930 - The first democracy (Alltinget) of the world is founded at Thingvellir, Iceland, by Vikings.

940 - Harald Fairhair dies and his son Eirik Blood-axe struggle to gain full control of Norway, but fails.

941 - Rus Vikings attacks Constantinople (Istanbul).

947 - Eirik Blood-axe, son of Fairhair, gains control of York.

949 - Olaf Crovan defeats Eirik Blood-axe, who flees.

950 - Eirik Blood-axe regains control of York.

954 - Eirik Blood-axe killed at the Battle of Stainmore in York, Vikings defeated by King Edmund.

974 - Emperor Otto II of Germany attacks Denmark, but fails because of Norwegian help.

976 - Maccus Haraldsson, first known king of Man, dies, his brother Gudrød approaches throne.

976 - Angelsey (coast of Wales) is included to the Norse kingdom of Man.

980 - Vikings starts regular attacks to gain control of England.

984 - Viking leader Erik the Red discovers Greenland and starts settling.

985 - The Jomsvikings attacks Norway, lead by Earl Sigvalde, but is firmly defeated at Hjørungavåg.

986 - Viking ships sails in Newfoundland waters.

991 - Viking chieftain Olaf Tryggvasson, along 93 ships, defeats Byrhtnoth at Maldon (August).

991 - Æthelred II pays, the first Danegeld ransom, off £

10,000 in silver to stop Viking attck on London.

994 - Æthelred II pays off £16,000 in silver to stop Viking attcks on London.

995 - Olaf Tryggvasson conquers Norway and proclaims a Christian kingdom.

999 - Christianity reaches Greenland and Iceland by powers of Olaf Tryggvasson.

1000 - Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, explores the coast of North America.

1000 - Olaf Tryggvasson dies in the Battle of Svolder (coast of Vendland); Norway ruled by Danes.

1002 - Brian Boru defeats the Norse Vikings and becomes king of all Ireland.

1009 - Viking chieftain Olaf Haraldsson (St. Olav) attacks London by river and destroys London Bridge.

1010 - Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni attempts to found a settlement in North America.

1013 - Danes, helped by Olaf Haraldson, conquers England; Æthelred flees to Normandy.

1014 - The Vikings of Ireland are finally defeated in the Battle of Clontarf, but Brian Boru is killed.

1015 - Vikings abandons the Vinland settlements at the coast of North America.

1016 - Olaf Haraldsson regains Norway from the Danes; Christianity approaches Norway.

1016 - Danes, under Canute the Great, gains full control over England.

1018 - The coronation of Canute the Great, as King of England.

1026 - Kings Anund Jakob (Sweden) and Olaf Haraldsson (Norway) attacks Denmark, but fails.

1028 - Knut (Canute), king of England and Denmark, conquers Norway and Olaf flees.

1030 - Olaf Haraldsson returns to regain Norway, but is killed at Stiklestad.

1031 - Olaf Haraldsson becomes officially proclaimed a Saint, by Bishop Grimkel (August 3rd).

1035 - Canute the Great dies, Magnus, son of St Olaf, expels the Danes from Norway and regains the kingdom.

1042 - Edward the Confessor rules England, supported by Danes.

1042 - Magnus, king of Norway, becomes king of Denmark.

1045 - Magnus grants Harald Hardraada half of Norway, as a co-king.

1047 - Magnus, king of Norway & Denmark, dies; Hardraada sovereign king of Norway; Claims Denmark as well.

1047 - Svend Estridsson gains control of the Danish throne, but Hardraada won't give up his claim.

1049 - Hardraada founds Oslo, Norway.

1050 - Hardraade raids Haithabu.

1062 - Hardraada defeats Svend Estridsson at the Battle of Nissen, but fails to gain control of Denmark.

1064 - Hardraada gives up Denmark and recognizes Svend Estridsson as legal heir to the throne.

1066 - Harold Godwinson defeats Harald Hardraada, who dies in the Battle of Stamford Bridge (Sep 25th).

1066 - William, Duke of Normandy, defeats Saxon king Harold in the Battle of Hastings (Oct 14th).

1072 - Vikings conquers Palermo.

1085 - Danish Vikings makes a final attempt to conquer England but fails.

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