At a simple level

The Moon will cause the Earth (or more obviously its water) to take an elongated form. All other things being equal, every place one the Earth would experience two high tides and two low tides each day. To be more precise, because the period od revolution of the Moon is 27 days, the Moon will move by about 1 hour of Right Ascension every day, so it would be more accurate to say two high tides, two low tides every 25 hours.

Modifications from friction, which will stop the bulges pointing exactly towards the Moon Coriolis Force. Local morphology (Soton)

Sun and its stronger gravitational field third differential

Spring tides neap tides

Tidal dissipation is causing the Earth to slow down by 2.2 seconds every 100 000 years. The lunar month was 20 days 3 billion years ago, and the Moon was 20 Earth radii away (today it is 60 Earth radii away).