bins glasses, spectacles
bizzies the Police
bevvy drink (alcoholic)
bevvied drunk
coggers Catholics
deadbeat person of no bloody use at a particular task
divvy stupid person
(the) J. Arthur the bank (i.e. Barclays etc)
in bulk laughing fit to burst
Jesus boots sandals
nomark someone of little importance
ossy hospital
sagging playing truant
shoot leave, go somewhere else
slumming coins that have collected in your pocket and you want to get rid of
th'saffy this afternoon
twirlies bus-pass holders
US useless
wozzer wasp


getting a cob on getting angry
going to town going to the city center
there's nothing down for you you're a bastard!
over the water The Wirral
That's when Jesus Christ was playing full back for Israel That was a long time ago

Occasional 'Humorous' Phrases

electrocution lessons learning how to speak 'properly'

CB Radio Slang

Desert Town Tuebrook
The French Connection Garston
The Crushed Baby Prescot

Brian Daugherty