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My wife,Eileen O'Hara nee RIDING, lived in Cobden Street, Woolton from 1939-1958. I am trying to find a copy of the drawing, painting, sketch of the original house "Strawberry Fields" which was in Beaconsfield Road. Owned by George Warren and later passed on to the salvation Army in the 1950s. Thank you in anticipation of a favourable reply.


hello Brian, my family originate from Woolton, Liverpool - my family name is Baker. My father Francis James Baker had two sisters Ivy ,Margie, and two brothers Geoffrey and Robert. I've been told that their parents were not married but my father's birth certificate states that my grandmother's maiden name was James, first names Francis; and my grandfather's name was John George. I've also been told that my grandfather was German. I know that they lived in School Lane and Rodick Sreet. My father married Pauline Cain in 1955. I was wondering if you might know where I might find out more information about my family. In anticipation, thank you for any assistance .

regards Helen

Hi Brian,
Spotted your site. I am following up on family history and looking for information or photographs regarding number 32/34 Quarry Street which was there from late 1800's to mid -1900,s. It stood at the base of the Quarry, opposite the " Silk factory". It was a broker's or scrap yard owned by the Duffy family.

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Arnie Duffy

I came across your web site on Woolton whilst looking for any site re Woolton CP Out Lane where my husband and I were both pupils from 1956 to 1963.

I noticed that you have had a few queries re family history. I have access to the Censuses from 1841 to 1901 and am more than willing to do look ups for anyone who wants information. Also, if anyone is interested there is a web site for St Peters church in which I have listed all the headstone inscriptions. This site is searchable alphabetically.  

If anyone wants any information from the Censuses, email me on Margaret Thompson

I was wondering if you could help me please. I used to live in "The Priory" at the bottom of Watergate Lane in Woolton from birth to 3 years. I remember the tomb (Bullon Vault in St Mary's Church) and graves being there, but I don't really remember too much about how the Priory itself looked. I was wondering if you have any pictures or further information about it please? I lived there from 1973-1976 with my parents until we moved up to Speke Rd.

Anne-Marie Young

I would like to post a request on your web page. I am looking for any helpful information about families from the Woolton area. In particular Longworth, I doubt very much they were the 'Lords of the Manor' but probably painfully poor working class. My starting point is Jane Frances Longworth, baptised 1832 at St. Mary's. I believe that is a Catholic Church? Her marriage certificate might say her father was James, a Coachman (1868, Edge Hill). It is quite hard to read.

On another subject, I read somewhere that Paul McCartney met John Lennon at Woodhead in Cheshire? Maybe that is just one of those stories where people want a claim to fame? I still haven't found a significant 'famous' person yet to claim as my own. Not even a convict.   

Many thanks, Marie Palmer, Australia

I am trying to locate some pencil sketches of St. Mary's Church Woolton for my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary next month. They were married there in 1958, I was christened there in 1960.

If you could point me in the direction of links to any artists who may have any i would be most grateful.


I am actually trying to find information out about Woolton Grange Residential Home ... and its past history as a church, I was wondering if you had any information or where one may be able to find some.  

Many Thanks

James Andrews-Jones


I am looking for any old pictures of Woolton Skateboard park on Quarry Street.   And I'm still looking for a picture of Lower Lee House on Beaconsfield Road, Woolton  

Please email Dave here    

Many thanks. Dave

Hi Brian,

Would you know when the original owner of Strawberry Fields, George Warren died??

many thanks,


Hello Brian  

  Do you know if there is a Woolton Local History Group that I might contact for help?  

I have been following a thread on a summary of which is here.  

Basically a man in France, Michel found a tag with a soldiers name on it; Robert W Stead  After trying for many years to find it's owner, he posted on RootsChat for help.  The owner sadly died and we have been unable to trace any living relatives but eventually traced his grave to St Peter's Church Woolton.  

The stone is sadly broken and face down and no one has the funds to get it righted.  Michel is planning to come and visit the grave and also hopefully find a good home for the medallion.  

I'm hoping there is a local history group that will have ideas about how to turn the stone over at a minimum of cost or who might help us voluntarily so if you have any contacts, please let me know.  I live in Speke myself and would love to see the medallion returned as close to it's rightful owner as possible.  It would be nice if St Peter's could be persuaded to put it on show somewhere as part of their history.  

Anyway, if you can help at all, I'd be very grateful, along with hundreds of others who have worked on this project from all over the world!  

Thanks,Lynne Moneypenny

Dear Brian,  

I have no clue if you can be of help to me or not.  I have just begun to do some research on my grandparents.  I have so little to go on, but I do have a Baptismal Certificate from St. Mary's Church, Woolton, Liverpool with information dating back to 1872.  I googled that church and it looks like it is still there.  Then I found your website and loved reading about Woolton.  Can you suggest to me where I would start...I would love to know where she was raised, etc.  Would the church have those records?  I did find in the church's archives  the marriage registrar  with her parents' marriage date.  This is all so interesting but I have so little to go on.  If you can be of help, that would be awesome;  if not, thanks for taking time to read this and for providing me with information of where my grandmother was raised.  I would love to visit sometime.   


Mary Jansen
New Fairfield, Connecticut

My name is John Reppion and I'm currently researching a book about Liverpool's ghosts and hauntings.ow of Cavaliers or Royalists based in or around Woolton during the English civil war of 1642 and 1651 (or generally around that period).

  Also, if you do know of any supernatural stories related to the village (or any other Liverpool location) I would be very interested to hear them

John Reppion

I am looking for any photos/pictures of Lower Lee (Lea) house, which was in Beaconsfield Road, now replaced by Lower Lee school.  

Can anyone help me ? If so please email

My name is Ben Holroyd, my partner and I are currently in the process of buying a house in Woolton, and wondered whether you could shed any light on it's history, it's number 36 rodick street. we understand from the current owner that it was built around 1768 and was the old quarrymans cottage...

just wondered if you knew of anything...

Ben Holdroyd

Hi Brian  

I came across your site about Woolton whilst looking for information.  I was born in Woolton in December 1955 and my mother told me that when I was about 12 months old my mother, older sister and myself spent some time in a hostel for homeless people in Woolton, which I believe may have been the Aymestry hostel building, before it became a children's home.  I wonder if you know whether I am right about the location of the hostel, or even whether such a place existed?

Lynda Barlow

I am just wondering if you can shed any light on a family connection I have with Woolton. My granny's aunt was called Lucy Hamilton-McGuffey (sorry not sure of spelling) married her boss James and lived in Woolton Hall. I know she ended up building a house in the grounds. She had loads of dogs that slept on her bed and drank in the local pubs, whiskey galore!!! Died in the 1980s and my granny inherited a wee bit. I am hoping to find out more about the family. Any tips much appreciated.

Wendy Kiernan

Woolton British Legion

Hi, can you help me I am trying to collect any information when this branch was formed, and by whom.


Can anyone help identify this

Only details on the pre-printed note paper is Hill House, Woolton, Liverpool and the phone number Gateacre 111. The name signed is B. H. Collie i think!

Thanks for your investigating, hope to hear from you soon, Lowri email

I notice that Gateacre Grange, originally the home of Andrew Walker, and latterly used as a home for sailors is now being developed. I know the land was owned by the charity The Apostleship of the Sea but I assume that they sold the site. Do you have any information about the sale and the purchaser of the land.

Billy Hargreaves

Hi Brian,

Wonder if you could help.

 "Researching" family history - well interested in a cluster of forebears between 1860 onwards - particularly my grandad born 1888 Much Woolton - Quarry Street.  Have been on a visit - really fascinating! Interested in the following:

  • Any information on the old gas works

  • The ironmongery in Quarry Street - would there be records ?

    • Hi, the ironmongery mentioned on your page could well have been the Blacksmiths owned by Bernie Blackmore, I think the smithy is still there, I know this because I nearly got an apprenticeship there in the early 70's. I lived in Much Woolton for some 18 years attending St Peters C. of E. (now Bishop Martin) Regards   Stan

  • The pub at the corner of Quarry Street and Rodick Street

    • Hi, I grow up in Woolton and went to St Peter's School and lived in Castle Street. The name of the pub in Quarry St, Rodick St, was called the Black Horse. As a kid I played with the Landlord's son at the back of the pub were there was an old stable and above was a hay loft which in those days stillhad hay in it so you can imagine the fun we had. Years later an artist called Arthur Dooley bought the pub and used it as his workshop. Alan. (Alan, if you read this there is a message below from Tipping - email who would like to talk to you about the 'Black Horse'.)

  • Places where I could order books on "old" Woolton


Email to Mo Woodall

I have visited Woolton and will do again, I have ordered some books but really intrigued as to these gas works!  Only live in Preston but working, family etc Will be visiting again soon.Thanks

M. Woodall

Brian, I found John Lennon's ATC record card when I was a firefighter at Garston fire station, following a fire at the ATC building during the previous night shift. I came on day duty and was asked by my oic to destroy a load of record cards that turned up on the fire station. Imagine my delight when John's card was blown by the wind towards  me as I sat waiting for the bin fire to die down before I put more cards into the fire. Because I found it there, I assume it came from a local ATC unit. Do you know of a master list of ATC members so i can confirm that John was a member? regards tom

Anyone who knows of a connection between John Lennon and the ATC, please contact tom mills

Would you have much info on the Woolton Quarry and would you know if I can find information re my GGG father who worked there in 1840 ish.  I would like to know if they had a staff list or if they would know if he died while working in the quarry.  He died before 51.   email Angela Foster

Hello Brian,  

I was wondering if you could shed some light on the Saxon Burial ground located behind the Fernlea apartments in Quarry Street. No one seems to have an ideal as to the identity or identities of persons buried there. Could you help.  

Kind Regards  Kieron Connelly, Resident of Fernlea.

Hello, I'm trying to find out if anyone remembers Oakfield Special School on Oakfield Drive. It's now a new housing place but the pillars and walls are still there - nothing else left. I was at the school in the 60s with my friend Joan who I have just got in contact with after a long time.. Many thanks

Janet Randall

Hi Brian,

     I wonder if you could ask your readers if they have any recollection of a tiled swimming bath or boating pool in Reynolds Park in the early forties. It was in the main field as you came in from Woolton Hill Rd entrance - you followed the path past the quarry turned left down the side of a long shiplap fence over which was a large property used as a billet for forces female personnel, it was rectangular in shape on the two ends and  one side it had, if my memory is correct, lion heads with iron hoops in their mouths to tie up to and on the other side semi-circle steps going down into the water, though I never ever saw any water in it. I often wonder did they just fill it in or did they dig it out. I wonder if there are  any photos or drawings as I would be very interested to to hear from anyone.

              Keep up the good work,