1635 : Birth on 18th July

1648 : Father died

1653 : Enters Christ Church, Oxford

1662 : Appointed as Curator of the Royal Society

1665 : Micrographia

1672 : Grace Hooke came to live with him

1673 : Henry Hunt arrived

1675 : Dispute between Hooke and the Dutch scientist Huygens concerning the invention of the balance-spring watch.
Publication of "Description of Helioscopes" with a postscript about his invention of the balance-spring mechanism. July Tom Gyles

1676 : Helioscopes
Thomas Shadwell's play, The Virtuoso, satirising The Royal Society and, so Hooke felt, himself.
Fire in Southwark.
Harry Hunt arrived.

1677 : Lampas
Henry Oldenburg's death. Hooke succeeded him to the post of Secretary of the Royal Society, while still maintaining his responsibilities as Curator.
Secretary of the Royal Society, 1677-83.

1678 : Publication of his treatise on elasticity De Potentia Bestitutiva or Of Spring, upon which is based today's Hooke's Law.
Suicide of brother John in Newport, I.O.W.

1687 : Something of a turning point in his life with the death of Grace and arguments with Isaac Newton

1695 : victory over Cutler (or his heirs, to be more exact)

1703 : Died on 3rd. March. Interred originally in St. Helens churchyard, Bishopgate.