At Durdans (the home of Lord Berkeley), members of the Royal Society experimented with new designs for carriages.

From John Evelyn's Diary:

4th August, 1665. I went to Wotton with my Son and his tutor, Mr. Bohun, Fellow of New College (recommended to me by Dr. Wilkins, and the President of New College, Oxford), for fear of the pestilence, still increasing in London and its environs. On my return, I called at Durdans, where I found Dr. Wilkins, Sir William Petty, and Mr. Hooke, contriving chariots, new rigging for ships, a wheel for one to run races in, and other mechanical inventions; perhaps three such persons together were not to be found elsewhere in Europe, for parts and ingenuity.

Durdans - local history site


1676 Alvington, IOW

Thomas Bloodworth

For a period, Grace Hooke was intended to be betrothed to the son of the Lord Mayor of London, Thomas Bloodworth

John Cutler

John Cutler

The Virtuoso by Shadwell

This play was first performed by the Duke's Company in 1676.

It features Sir Nicholas Gimcrack and Sir Formal Trifle

In 1689, Shadwell became Poet Laureate

Here is a site giving a partial view of the book of the play : The Virtuoso

Dutch Wars

The First War took place during the Commonwealth period. The Second War took place while the Plague and Great Fire also occured (leading to a certain belief that the Great Fire was arson started by the Dutch). England had to sue for peace in 1667 after the Dutch raided Chatham.

Denis Papin

Denis Papin Boyle's assistant, 1679 assistant in correspondence for Royal Society. Returned from Venice in 1684. Digester.

Mary Beale

Mary Beale>
<P>Hooke's portarit was painted by Mary beale, but the picture  has been lost. There are no known likenesses of Hooke.

<h3>universal joint</h3>

Universal joint  - Hooke joint, details are first given in <I>  Animadversions<\I>

<h3>John Aubrey</H3>
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Ramsey Manon

Robert Moray

1673 Leibniz calculating machine


Boyle's family Burlington

Ice Fair

1683-84, first ice fair for many years

Robert Holmes

It was believed a possibility by some at the time that the Great Fire was a revenge enacted by the Dutch for Robert Holmes' unprovoked attack on Terschelling and Vlieland on 19th August 1655.

John Wallis

John Wallis Savilian Professor of Geometry 1649 to 1703

St Helen's Church

Both Grace Hooke and Robert Hooke were originally buried here before the churchyard was emptied and the 'contents' dumped in an overflow cemetery outside the then city.

A stained glass window in his memory was originally on view in the church but it was blown out by an IRA bomb in 1992.


Richard Blackburne



Notes : Steno (Prodomus), Borelli letter of 1679,