Gresham College

The college was administered by the Mercer's Company

When the Astronomy Professor Walter Pope (ca. 16271714) went abroad for two years in April 1663, the Professor for Geometry Isaac Barrow initially took over Pope's teaching responsibilities. At the end of 1663, Barrow was called to the new Lucasian Chair for Mathematics at Cambridge University. Hooke was unsuccesful in his application for the vacant post and it was awarded to the doctor Arthur Dacres (16241678).

In September Hooke moved out of the house of Boyle's sister Lady Ranelagh (16141691) and moved in to his rooms in Gresham College, which he continued to occupy until his death.

During the summer of 1664 the Royal Society learnt that the election of Dacres to the professorship was manipulated by the Lord Mayor of London, Anthony Bateman. The Royal Society coaxede Dacres to resign. On 20th. March 1665 Hooke was finally appointed to be Professor of Geometry at Gresham College. Previously in 1664/1665 he had already substituted for Walter Pope's in giving the astronomical lectures.

The position gave him rooms at the College and required him to give one lecture each week in term time. The lecture had to be given in Latin and subsequently repeated in English. He was required to be unmarried but was permitted a housekeeper.

The professors were ejected after the Great Fire to make way for represntatives from the City, but they were allowed to return to Gresham in 1673 (Hooke, exceptionally, remained resident all the time).