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So I have tried to elicit assistance from Hancock, and not only has he refused but he has actually somehow got in touch with Newcastle such that Newcastle have used his attitude against me. What a way for a Member of Parliament to look after the interests of his constituents! The letter above mentions letters from the Department of Mathematics. In reality, one of the surreal aspects has been that I have sent god-knows-how-many letters to the Department of Mathematics but received not one single reply. The reference to 'MPs you have consulted' is to be viewed in the same vein - I did contact the local MP when I lived in Newcastle (as mentioned elsewhere on this site) but it is very unlikely that the University was explicitly aware of this. It wouldn't make any difference if they were aware of this - I am just trying to emphasize the characteristics of the letter. Having said all this then the nature of the letter should give you an indication of how useful the all letters fron 'this Office' have been.

April 2000

Hancock's letter of April 2000 in pdf format. (not available at the moment)

The contents are as follows :

Dear Mr Daugherty

Thank you for your letter dated the 3rd. April, which received on the 8th April.

I read with concern the comments contained within it. I have always acted in good faith and have taken up the points you have raised and tried to get answers for you. I can't help it, if the answers do not suit you.

If you really do feel that you have a case, 1 can't understand why you have not had greater assistance from a number of authorities, not least of all the Students Union and the others that you have contacted.

See points 5 and 11 in "Details of our meeting of 18. September 1999". When I get time I might upload a letter from the Student's Union, just to ram home what the truth of the matter is. The Students Union will not act on behalf of individual cases - I have told Hancock this, but as you can see, he has not listened to what I have said.

Which other organizations are we talking about exactly under "the others that you have contacted" ?

I also find it strange that you persist in believing that Newcastle University have some sort of conspiracy against you.

"Conspiracy" is Hancock's word, and is a ludicrous word to use. It is an indication that he has not listened to what I am saying. But me and many others do have strong grievances against Universities in this country, as you might expect from such unaccountable institutions.

If you have proof of this take it up once again with the Chancellor of the University and see what he will do for you.

This is a University * with no complaints procedure * no appeal structure apart from writing a lettter to the Dean of Faculty to be dealt with, in secret, i.e. in your absence. * which took five and a half years to answer my Question No. 1 * which still has not answered my Question No 2, despite me asking it over one year ago. and Hancock advises me that all I have to do is write to the Chancellor (presumably he means the Vice-Chancellor) and they will suddenly snap into action and start taking notice of me.

I complain to Hancock about the fact that Newcastle will not answer my letters of complaint, and he advises me to send them a letter of complaint.

If you have specific points that you would like me to take up, I will, but in your unsigned letter, which I feel was very rude, you adopt a very superior attitude.

I will never forget the extremely rude way that Hancock treated me during our meeting of 18. September 1999. To accuse me of being rude is the real icing on the cake.

I also try to do the best that I can and I honestly believe that there is not a case here for Newcastle University to answer.

This has gone on for a long period of time and you have become preoccupied with trying to get your situation re-judged when there is little or no evidence to support what you are saying.

This is not because there is no evidence, but because Hancock will not listen to what I am saying

I know that this is a disappointment to you and I would do all I could to help you if I thought that there was anything that I could do.

Please let me know, just what it is that you would like me to do

There are two things I would like at the minute

1. I want you to stop treating me like an idiot because of the views of your friend enshrined in the letter of 24. October 1997. I want you to recognize that your friend is wrong, and that what I have been saying is the truth. 2. I wouldn't mind some assistance in trying to get an answer to my Question No. 2 from Newcastle University. This was first posed in September 1999, and as of July 2005 has not been answered. After waiting five and a half years for Newcastle University to answer my Question No 1, I do need help. (It is amazing to me how you can view this reluctance on the part of Newcastle to answer my letters, and still be unphased. There are some things that should arouse the suspicion of even the most naive person)