Disputes in British Universities

name withheld, University of Manchester

You can add another to your list, this is what happened to me at Manchester: I was victimised at the (then) Victoria University of Manchester. This included, but was not limited to having my medical notes used against me. This resulted in me having to take a year out for depression and a nervous breakdown. The departmental tutor was warned after the first abuse but he again passed my notes on depression to secretaries who again abused my medical confidentiality.

I graduated Best of Year with a First despite this. But I couldn't get work because I had already taken a year out for Glandular Fever. I got a Merck award, did Pharmacology at Bristol, still couldn't get work, did a PhD at Exeter. This was OK until they had a big conference, students form Manchester came down and spotted me. A little while later I got a letter with a Manchester postcode. It read: "Do your friends at Exeter know about your depression <name>? Isn't it time you killed yourself?" I fainted after this and had to take time out.

Unfortunately, some of my research chemicals were thrown away while I was getting checked out. I'm sure this was a genuine error. I did manage to get my PhD but it took 5 years.

When I wrote back to Manchester University I got a 'phone call one night in Exeter's labs. It was the Professor from Manchester and he said: "If you make this complaint stick you'll never work again as a chemist in the UK."

Well when I got my PhD I decided to try my luck in the USA, but again the gaps in my career weren't helping. I had to come back to the UK, still couldn't get work. So I tried my hand at teaching but wasn't really any good at it which brings me to the present day. I'm now wondering if I'll ever get work as a Professional.

I have tape recordings of the departmental tutor threatening me with bad references if I didn't keep my mouth shut. I got an A with distinction at A level for chemistry and 3B's. It was only the second time this had been achieved at my comprehensive school. I had the world at my feet.

Please don't reveal my name at present because I have contacted solicitor Jaswinder Gill I don't know if this is any consulation, but even if you get a first they can still get you