Barnham Station

    Barnham Station

    Train Ticket, Portsmouth to Bognor


22 December

Very wet again. Left work at 1320 and arrived home at 1443 (1h 23 m later)

21 December

Leave home at 05:40 and arrive at work at 0735 (1hr 55m later). Travel home took 1h 31m, giving a total time travelling to and from work of 3h 26m.

20 December

Very wet and unpleasant day. Leave work at 15:50. Arrive home at 17:22 (1 hour 32 mins later)

19 December

Leave work at 14.45, very wet. Arrive home at 16:09 (1 hours 24 mins later)

11 December

Leave work at 13.30. Arrive home at 15:53 (2 hours 23 mins later)

10 December

Leave work at 13:02. Arrive home at 14:49 (1h 47 mins later)

17 November

Leave home at 0530. Problems straight away when we are informed at Portsmouth about problems with a broken-down train near to Chichester. Have to get off in Havant and wait for 40 minutes for the bus. Arrive in work at 8.00 (2.5 hours after leaving home)

17 October

Leave home at 0535. Problems at Barnham due to a broken-down train. Arrive at work at 0735 (2 hours after leaving home)

1 October

Leave Bognor at 1500, a bit uncomfortable after quite heavy rain in the morning - my feet were wet. Arrived home at 1652 (1h 52m later).

29 August

Leave Bognor at 13.50, quite wet. Arrive home at 15.20 (1h 30m later).

4 August

Leave Bognor at 11.24. Arrive home at 13.30 (2h 6m later).

11 July

Leave Bognor at 14.33, quite wet. Arrive home at 16.06 (1h 33m later).

Two of us were sent down from Portsmouth to Bognor, temporarily, and we were paid travel expenses. My colleague was eventually sent back to Portsmouth while I was told to stay.

Then travel expenses were withdrawn unilaterally.

I managed to achieve a transfer back to Portsmouth (in April 2010) but at 6.00 on the Monday when I was due to start back, I was phoned and told to come back into Bognor for 'another 3 or 4 weeks'. I am still there.

I lose about 3 hours each day commuting to Bognor, and then have to do about 6 hours work per week purely to pay for the fares to get me there. When I started writing this in July 2012, I had already lost about £ 4000 (four thousand pounds) in fares.

The Portsmouth office is about 15 minutes walk from where I live by Southsea Common.

I list here journeys between work and home that

  • take longer than 1 hour 45 minutes
  • or take the normal time of between 1 hour 30 mins - 1 hour 45 mins, but are unpleasant (for example, if I am wet).